Perfect for summer, these table accessories add a special touch to your outdoor festivities. Easy piecing techniques help you stitch the quilt blocks quickly.

Finished Sizes
Table runner is 12-1/2" x 60". Place mat is 11" x 16". Napkin is 17-1/2" square.

Materials and Supplies
45" wide cotton fabrics:
  2 yards blue star print
  2-1/2 yards white on white print
  2-1/2 yards red print
2 1/2 yards of white fusible interfacing
Sewing thread to match fabrics
Low-loft batting
20 sheets of paper
Temporary spray adhesive (optional)
Level of Difficulty
Use 1/4" for all seam allowances unless otherwise stated.
Step 1 From white on white print fabric, cut one piece 13" x 61" for table runner backing. Cut four pieces each 10" x 15" for place mat front. Cut four pieces each 18" square for napkins.
Step 2 From red print fabric, cut four pieces each 10" x 15" for place mat backing. Cut four pieces each 18" square for napkins.
Step 3 From blue print fabric, cut two pieces each 1-1/2" x 61" and two pieces each 1-1/2" x 14" for runner binding. Cut 1-1/4" x 72" for place mat borders.
Step 4 Cut fabric pieces for each block from remaining fabrics according to paper pattern.

Table Runner:
Step 1 Make 20 copies of block pattern see piecing instructions below.
Step 2 Using paper piecing instructions, make 20 blocks with fabrics.
Step 3 For runner top, arrange blocks matching blue sections together (see photo) in two rows of ten blocks each. Stitch blocks together.
Step 4 Stack top, batting and backing with right sides out. Baste layers together.
Step 5 Using white thread, quilt as desired. Trim backing and batting to match front.
Step 6 Stitch long binding pieces to each long edge of runner top. Press raw edges of runner binding under 1/4". Turn to back of runner and hand sew edge of binding in place. Repeat with short binding pieces on short edges of runner.

Step 1 Stitch matching red and white fabric squares right sides together, leaving an opening for turning. Turn right side out. Press.
Step 2 Fold raw edges of opening to inside and sew closed.

Place Mats:
Step 1 Stitch 1-1/2" border strips to long edges of front piece, right sides together. Repeat on short edges. Press.
Step 2 Fold each corner of front in to form a 45 degree angle at fold. Press a crease in fabric at each fold (Illustration). Trim off each corner 1/4" from crease.
Step 3 Extending cut end past edge slightly, stitch 1-1/2" border strip to one diagonal raw edge. Press seam allowance toward border. Cut ends of diagonal border to match outer edge of horizontal and vertical borders. Repeat at each corner.
Step 4 Attach interfacing to wrong side of place mat front piece and to back pieces. Trim back piece to match shape of front. Stitch front and back right sides together, leaving an opening at center of one long edge for turning. Trim seams at corners. Turn right side out. Press. Sew opening closed.

Paper Piecing Instructions
Step 1 Each paper piecing pattern is used just once. Make enough copies to match the number of blocks in the design.
Step 2 You stitch the block together on the paper, following the printed lines; then tear the paper off and discard it.
Step 3 The number sequence on the paper pattern shows you which order to add the fabric pieces as you work.
Step 4 The paper pattern keeps your fabric from stretching as you sew and each block will be the same finished size.
Step 5 Trim the paper to about 1/2" beyond the outer edge of the block pattern. Keep the paper block whole; do not cut out the pieces of the design.
Step 6 During piecing, the fabric pieces need to be just large enough to completely cover the patch outline on the paper pattern, extending at least 1/4" beyond the outline of the patch.
Step 7 You do not have to be exact when cutting the fabric pieces, but you do want to allow enough for the seam allowances. Better to be too large than too small.
Step 8 Before adding each new fabric piece to the paper pattern, make sure it is large enough to cover the patch outline on the pattern.
Step 9 When joining the fabric pieces, set the machine to make small straight stitches (18 to 20 per inch). Begin and end the stitching 1/4" from each end of the pattern line you will be working over. Do not backstitch at the ends of the seam line.
Step 10 When pressing your work, use a dry iron and press straight down. Do not use steam. Finger pressing works well also.
Step 11 Do not tear any of the pattern away until block is complete.
Step 12 To begin each block, position fabric piece No.1 right side up on the unprinted side of the pattern in its correct location. If you cannot see the edges of the fabric through the paper, hold the layers up to a light and check to make sure the edges extend far enough past the outline. Adjust if needed and pin or glue fabric in place on wrong side of paper pattern.
Step 13 Pin fabric piece No.2 over fabric piece No.1, right sides together. With printed side of pattern up, stitch along the seam line between the two patches. Press. Turn fabric side up and press seam open.
Step 14 Fold the paper pattern back on itself along the line you just stitched. This exposes the seam allowance and allows you to trim the allowance to 1/4".
Step 15 Add each new fabric piece in the same manner as piece No. 2. When piecing is complete, trim outer edge of block 1/4" from outer seam line on pattern.

Will be my next year project...check it out..:-))


Delicate:chiffon, fine lace,
Fine Mercerized cotton
Fine synthetic thread
Lightweight:batiste, crepe, chiffon, velvet,
jersey, organdy, plastic film,
taffeta, voile
50 Mercerized cotton
Fine synthetic thread
Medium:chintz, cordoroy - fine, deep-pile fabrics,
faille, gingham, knits, linen, percale,
pique, satin, suitings, velvet, vinyl
50 Mercerized cotton
60 cotton
Synthetic thread
Medium/Heavy:deep-pile fabrics, coatings
denim, drapery, gabardine
sailcloth, tweed, vinyl
Heavy-duty mercerized cotton,
40-60 cotton
Synthetic thread
Heavy:canvas, dungaree,
upholstery fabrics
Heavy-duty mercerized cotton,
20-40 cotton
Synthetic thread
All Weights:Decorative topstitchingButtonhole twist16/100
Synthetic &:
Stretch Knits
Bonded fabrics, cire, doubleknit,
jersey, nylon, tricot, panne,
panne, polyester, raschel, velvet
Synthetic thread
50 mercerized cotton
lined leathers
50 mercerized cotton
Synthetic thread

Atas permintaan..Alhamdulillah akhirnya siap juga gubahan hantaran ini dalam masa dua hari..this weekend, my duty is very full and after finished all..we will enjoy for the next week...cuti-cuti Malaysia yea :-)

ok..don't waste my time..we see some of my work...










 Another pic we will  see...



Used before for 'Akad'...

Combination all of these...just to make some memory...HAPPY WEDDING FOR MY BROTHER IN LAW...LAN & NIK




 I want to share my new embroidery machine brought by 1st December 2011...thank you so much to my loving hubby who give me a lot of support to buy this machine...also will add my sewing collection...Hopefully i will work more hard and fast with more gadget now...

Let we see this product details...

Econosew Straight & Zig-Zag Lockstitch Machine 20U43 w/ Drop Feed Product Details

The 20U43 single needle, drop feed sewing machine is ideal for light- medium weight fabrics.

It produces a beautiful, uniform stitch that is suitable for most basic sewing tasks, including top stitching.

Best Used For;

  • Ladies', men's and children's wear
  • Drapery workrooms
  • Alteration shops
  • Woven and knitted fabric
  • Any light - medium weight sewing tasks

    Specifications Model          20U43
    Maximum Sewing Speed          2000 spm* 
    Stitch Length Adjustment      0 to 5mm 
    Stitch Width Adjustment       0 to 8mm 
    Sewing Thickness              5 mm 
    Presser Foot Lift By Hand:    6mm
    By Knee:                      9mm 
    Needle System                 135 x 7 
    Thread Take Up Mode           Sliding Lever 
    Feed Type                     Drop Feed 
    Hook Type                     Standard horizontal rotary
                                  hook (Standard "L" bobbin) 
    Lubrication System            Manual
    * Depends on thread, material, type of operation and width of zig-zag
    * Specifications subject to change without notice
    Wide zig-zag (8mm)
 See u soon with my new project... :-)

 Arini saya nak berkongsi satu lagi info tentang mesin  jahit JANOME..harap dapat membantu kawan-kawan dalam dunia jahitan ni yang tengah tercari-cari untuk membeli mesin jahit peribadi mereka...Jom sama-sama kita berkongsi info :-)

 Inilah wajah MC6600P

Janome Memory Craft 6600 Professional Sewing & Quilting Machine

The Memory Craft 6600 Professional has the speed and precision critical to advanced sewing. The 6600 contains loads of features created especially for quilters, including the AcuFeed system. AcuFeed is the Layered Fabric Feeding System that ensures your sewing and quilting are even, smooth and precise on all types of fabric. The AcuFeed foot is integrated with a unique seven-point feed dog system. Your fabric is guided perfectly from the top and the bottom. AcuFeed is a unique and innovative feature - once you try it you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Key Features

AcuFeed: Layered Fabric Feeding System.

AcuFeed perfectly guides your fabric from both the top and the bottom. Only Janome truly integrates its innovative AcuFeed foot with a unique seven-point feed dog system. This ensures all fabrics move smoothly, even thick layers of quilting fabric and batting.

163 Stitches.  
163 Stitches with On-Screen Manipulation.

Choose from dozens of decorative and quilting stitches. The screen has enhanced clarity and extra. All of the stitches are easier to choose, customize and save into memory.

Start / Stop Button.  
Start/Stop Button.

Relax your pedal foot while doing those long seams or free motion quilting over a large area. The handy Start/Stop Button makes a big difference when you spend a lot of time at your machine.

Knee Lift.  
Knee Lift

Raise the presser foot without taking your hands off your work. It's like having an extra hand. This is crucial for quilting and other projects with long or repetitive seams.

Automatic Thread Cutter.  
Automatic Thread Cutter.

Just touch the key to manually snip your thread. You can also program the snip at the end of a stitch.

Wide Open Spaces.  
Wide Open Spaces.

Spread out with the largest arm and bed space of any household sewing machine: 9 inches x 5 inches (225mm x 120mm). The design is not only spacious, it's also ergonomic and intuitive.

Easy Needle Threader.  
Easy Needle Threader.

Another great time saving feature to get you sewing faster. Just push down the lever, loop the thread through, release, and you're ready to sew.


  • Enhanced backlit LCD screen with more stitch details.
  • Favorite stitch settings default.
  • Start/stop button.
  • Speed control lever.
  • External feed balancing dial.
  • AcuFeed: Built-in layered fabric feeding system.
  • Automatic thread cutter, with memory capability.
  • Built-in needle threader.
  • Independent motor for bobbin winding.
  • 14 standard feet.
  • 163 Stitches across 4 modes.
  • 7 one-step, sensor buttonholes.
  • Block and script monogram stitches.
  • Maximum sewing speed.
    • 1000 spm/Straight.
    • 700 spm/Zigzag.
  • Visible pressure guage.
  • Jam-proof, magnetic, top-loading, full-rotary hook system.
  • 7-point feed dog.
  • Front access feed dog up/down control.
  • Extra-high presser foot lift.
  • Twin needle guard.
  • Adjustable stitch width from 0 to 7mm.
  • Adjustable stitch length from 0 to 5mm.
  • Individual stitch editing.
  • Combination stitch editing.
  • Elongation.
  • Turn over memory.
  • Recall memory bank.
  • Resumption set/last stitch recall.
  • Quick command keys.
    • Auto-lock.
    • Lock-a-matic.
    • Needle up/down.
  • Vertical thread delivery system with dual thread guide bar.
  • 71 needle drop positions (including 15 left to right needle positions).
  • Extended seam allowance guide.
  • Beep indicator shut-off.
  • Large extension table.
  • 10 languages available on-screen.
  • Knee lifter.
  • Electronic foot control.
  • Sewing light.
  • Arm and bed space: 9 inches x 5 inches (225mm x 120mm).
  • Weight: 26.5lbs. (12 kg).
  • Soft dust cover.

Standard Accessories

Pre-wound Bobbins
Save time by using pre-wound bobbins. These are designed for professional style embroidery but can be used in all Janome machines. Each bobbin contains 105 yds. of 100% Spun Polyester Bobbin Thread, on a clear plastic bobbin, weight 60/2. A dozen bobbins per pack. Available in White, Black, and White/Black combo.
1/4 inch Seam Foot O
Sews a 1/4 inch seam allowance quickly and accurately. Great for piecing quilts and topstitching.
Blind Hem Foot G
Place fold of fabric against black guide for an invisible blind hem, even topstitching and fabric tucks.
Cording Foot H
Slots in this foot will hold one to three lengths of cord in place while stitches form over the cords.
Darning Foot P2 (embroidery machines)
Spring-loaded foot for free-motion embroidery, quilting and free form monogramming.
Overcast Foot M
Industrial type of overlock stitch for professional seam finishing. This stitch can be used to finish off a raw edge or for simultaneously seaming and overcasting.
Overedge Foot C (top loading 5mm machines)
Use with an overcast stitch to wrap thread around the edge of your fabric to prevent raveling. Fits top loading machines with 5mm zig zag stitch width.
Satin Stitch Foot F
For dense zig-zag stitching. Bottom of foot is beveled for smooth delivery of thread when sewing decorative or satin stitches.
Zig-Zag Foot A
Also called the all-purpose foot. Used for most utility sewing from straight stitch to zig-zag stitching.
Zipper Foot E
For use when sewing in zippers.
Lint Brush
Use it to brush away lint.
  • Bobbins.
  • Set of Needles.
  • Feet.
    • Automatic Buttonhole Foot R.
    • Cloth Guide with Screw.
    • Dual Feed Foot AD.
    • Rolled Hem Foot D.
  • Quilting Bar.
  • Spool Holder (large).
  • Spool Holder (small).
  • Seam Ripper.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Knee Lifter.
  • Foot Control.
  • Accessory Box.
  • Power Supply Cable.
  • Quick Reference Chart.
  • Instruction Book.


  • Built-in needle threader.
  • Auto thread cutter.
  • Thread cutter on face plate.
  • Snap on presser foot.
  • Foot pressure adjustment: adjusting screw with indicator.
  • Horizontal full rotary hook model.
  • Maximum speed.
    • Straight: 1,000 spm.
    • Zigzag: 700 spm.
    • Start/Stop button: 700 spm.
  • 7 pcs. Feed Dog.
  • Upper feeding system.
  • 404 Total stitches including buttonhole and monograms.
  • 150 Total built-in stitches including 7 buttonholes.
  • Monogram.
    • 67 Alphabet & Number.
    • 60 European in 2 Fonts (Block & Script).
  • Feed balance on S.S. & BH.
  • Adjustable zigzag width.
  • Maximum zigzag width: 7 mm.
  • Adjustable stitch length.
  • Maximum stitch length.
    • 5 mm Forward.
    • 5 mm Reverse.
  • Stitch selection.
    • Ten-Key mode.
    • Direct mode.
    • Quilting mode.
  • Stitch indication on LCD, improved screen layout.
  • Elongation.
  • Tension dial: Manual beehive type.
  • Lever drop feed device.
  • Dual white LED lamps.
  • Bobbin winder: Independent motor.
  • Bobbin winder thread cutter.
  • Pop-up hook cover plate.
  • Slited thread take up lever.
  • Industrial spool stand.
  • Start/Stop button.
  • Speed control slider.
  • Control keys.
    • Auto thread cutter key.
    • Help key.
    • Lock stitch key.
    • Needle up/down key.
    • Reverse feed key.
  • Auto stop at end of buttonhole.
  • Memory function: Memorable between the modes.
  • Turn-over stitch & reduction of monogram.
  • Editing.
    • All At Once.
    • Individually.
  • Memory recall/Previous setting recall: 5 memory banks.
  • Customized setting function: width & length of BH & Direct Selection Mode.
  • Buzzer sound level adjustment: 4 levels.
  • 9 Language selection.
  • Presser foot lifter at the back of the presser bar (with sensor); two step.
  • 3 Feet for upper feeding system.
  • Knee lifter.
  • Electronic foot control and Start/Stop button.
  • Dust cover (#846806).
  • Machine body: Arm & bed partially modified.
  • Folding handle (short).
  • Extension table: W 600 x D 400 mm.
  • Machine size: W 19.5 x H 11.8 x D 8.6 inches.
  • Arm space: W 8.8 x H 4.7 inches.
  • Machine weight: 24 lb.
  • Optional needle plate (SS) for 7 piece feed dog.

Limited Warranty

  • Mechanical: 25 years.
  • Electronic: 5 years.
  • Labor; 1 year.
 Semoga info ini dapat membantu anda membuat pilihan yang  lebih tepat :-))


Wahh 2 entry ari ni yer..x pelah asal ade info baru elok kita kongsi secepatnya..Kali saya ingin menunjukkan produk baru dari epal..mungkin sesetengah daripada anda sudah melihatnya dengan mata kasar ataupun sama seperti saya hanya di alam maya ini saja..ape pun saya ingin berkongsi bersama rakan-rakan tentang produk ini yang mana akan menjadi idaman anda termasuk saya juga dalam menambah koleksi kelengkapan jahitan kita :-) wahh dah berangan ya memilikinya suatu ari nanti :-D

Jom kita lihat produk baru dari epal..memang barangan dari epal sangat berkualiti dan puas hati...jangan ade yang x tdo malam pula bila tengok yea..sabarr...

Haa itu dia produk baru dari epal...cantik dan cute kan :-) bila ye saya dapat memilikinya...harap2 dalam masa terdekat ni juga..senang laa nanti nak travel ke mana-mana pun hobi kita leh dibawa bersama...anda tidak tertarik ker dengan mesin cute di atas..harganya pun ok cuma RM899 sahaja...

Kalo main kutu ok jugak ni..nanti saya akan buka untuk kutu mesin yang cute ini..jadi sesiapa yang minat leh tinggalkan dulu details atau email saya member kite terus on...eee x sabar nak miliki mesin cute tu kan :-)

 Oklah x nak citer panjang lagi...nanti tergendala pulak keje kawan-kawan kita termasuk saya sendiri...maklumlah jadual sangat padat sekarang  dengan list keje yang sentiasa menunggu untuk dibereskan...aduhh kena tambah stamina lagi macam nii :-D


Salam dan selamat pagi semua..ape khabar anda semua..kami doakan kesejahteraan bersama dalam menjalani kehidupan seharian...ok ape cerita kita arini...

Lihat sahaja logo di atas pastinya anda semua sudah tahu ape entry saya kali ni kan...bagi ahli-ahli epal..semestinya anda selalu mencari info-info terkini berkaitan dengan mesin anda dan sebagainya..dah buka laman epal atau dah lupa add dia...kalo lupa add dia..klik sini dan meneroka ape yang anda cari selama ini..semuanya mudah dan ada disana :-)

Ok..berbalik kepada tajuk kita..berita baik yang ingin saya kongsikan bersama anda ialah mengenai kedai online epal di mana kita x perlu risau di mana untuk mendapatkan aksesori dan alatan jahitan...hanya di hujung jari anda dan tidak perlu bersesak di jalan raya dengan cuaca yang tidak menentu sekarang...

Bagi anda yang belum mengetaui tentang laman baru ini...jom kita sama-sama terokai sambil mencari alatan jahitan anda..anda juga dapat menimba ilmu...sambil tu boleh cuci mata juga yea :-) Jom klik sini atau banner di bawah...

Diharap anda mendapat manfaat daripada ape yang dikongsi kali ini...sehingga berjumpa lagi dengan info-info yang terkini...selamat menjalani rutin seharian anda..semoga anda ceria dan gembira di samping insan-insan tersayang :-)


Lamanya tak berblogging...kekok rasanya pabila ingin mengaktifkan diri semula setelah sekian lama berehat..namun pabila dah start balik...mmm mcm tak nak jauh jer dari pc ni...itulah bila dah minat sesuatu..pasti akan senang dan seronok melayannya :-)

Ok ape citer kita kali ni...setelah lama berehat dan bercuti panjang...seronok laa tu katakan :-D Tu laa puteri keduaku...AUNI SOLEHA :-) haa jom kita kongsi sesuatu yang agak menarik juga tapi hanya dikhaskan untuk ibu-ibu sahaja...yang lain jangan marah ye..tapi bagi para suami elok juga mengetahui sekiranya seseorang itu sangat caring pada si isteri tercinta :-)

Jangan laa serius sangat :-) dan jangan buang masa lagi..ape yang saya ingin kongsikan bersama ialah mengenai satu rahsia iaitu Rahsia Kacip...ape ke benda ni...jangan risau saya akan terangkan pada anda apakah dia Rahsia Kacip ni..

Jom kita lihat dulu gerangan produk ini...kata orang, tak kenal maka tak cinta..just untuk dikongsi bersama setelah merasai kehebatannya yang tersendiri :-)




Itulah antara gambar-gambar yang dapat saya upload dalam ni..adakah anda pernah melihat produk ini..produk ini dikeluarkan oleh rakyat tempatan Terengganu namun telah dikomersialkan sekarang dan dipasarkan ke seluruh negeri...

Alhamdulillah saya telah menemui produk ini dua minggu sebelum saya melahirkan anak kedua saya apabila berjumpa dengan seorang bidan kampung di kampung suami saya iaitu Marang, Terengganu...dia yang memperkenalkan saya produk ini dan saya tanpa rasa ragu telah mencubanya setelah melahirkan anak pada Febuari lepas.

Dipendekkan cerita..hari kedua selepas melahirkan, saya terus menggunakan produk tersebut tanpa rasa apa-apa kesan..maklumlah badan kita masih lemah dan masuk hari ketiga, saya mula rasa bertenaga dan sakit bersalin beransur hilang..saya meneruskan makan pil tersebut dan pada hari kelima..apabila jururawat datang ke rumah, dia memeriksa peranakan saya..terkejut dia melihat saiznya yang sudah kecil..katanya begitu cepat sekali..kebiasaanya masih besar lagi katanya mengikut waktu itu.

Saya sangat bersyukur kerana dapat sembuh dengan cepat dari waktu sebenarnya..saya yakin produk ini telah banyak membantu kerana saya kerana saya hanya menggunakan produk ini sahaja selepas bersalin.

Kini saya ingin mengesyorkan kepada ibu-ibu yang akan melahirkan anak bolehlah mencuba produk ini..InsyaAllah akan cepat sembuh dengan izin Allah s.w.t. Rahsia Kacip ini juga boleh menghilangkan sakit-sakit badan, sakit urat dan sebagainya dan kandungannya adalah manjakani yang sgt baik untuk kesihatan kita semua.

Oklah setelah panjang lebar bercerita..seronok dapat bersua kembali dengan rakan-rakan blog...semoga kita dapat berkongsi cerita-cerita yang lebih menarik di masa akan datang...sehingga berjumpa lagi...